Swim Instructor Course

Learn how teach your kids and their friends how swim. 



What You Get

  • 4 hours Comprehensive course teaching everything you need to know to succeed as swim 

  • Certificate of completion with no expiration
  • Resource to use for 3 months after enrollment

Who it for

Parents who want to teach their children and friends children how to swim.

  • Beginner Instructor just learning the basics of swim instructing

  • Advanced instructor trying further their knowledge of skills and drills to teach


Only $96


  • Entire Course Access

  • Certificate of Completion

  • Repeated access to video's for 3 months

The Curriculum

Total Expected Time: 8 Hours

(Note: swim instructor goes at own pace with 3 months to complete)

Level 1:  (Estimated Ages 1.5 - 3 Years)

Expected Time to Complete: 1 Hour

  1. Comfort in Water (5 min video)

  2. Supported Kicking (11 min video)

  3. Monkey-Walk/Jump in Pool (4 min video)

  4. Exit Pool (3 min video)

  5. Submerged Swim (4 min video)


Level 2: (Estimated Ages 2 - 4 Years)

Expected Time to Complete: 30 Minutes

  1. Turn and Recover (2 min video)

  2. Breath Control (3.5 min video)

  3. Streamline Float (3 min video)

  4. Free Float  (3.5 min video)

  5. Propulsion (4 min video)


Level 3: (Estimated Ages 3 - 6 Years)

Expected Time to Complete: 1 Hour

  1. Roll Over Breathing (5 min video)

  2. Pop-Up Breathing (5 min video)

  3. Streamline Kicking (4 min video)

  4. Catch-Up Freestyle (5 min video)

  5. Intro to Freestyle (3.5 min video)

Level 4: (Estimated Ages 5 - 7 Years)

Expected Time to Complete: 1.5 Hours

  1. Side Breathing (6 min video)

  2. Intro to Backstroke (4 min video)

  3. Tread Water (6.5 min video)

  4. Intro to Breaststroke (6 min video)

  5. Advanced Freestyle (15 min video)


Level 5:  (Estimated Ages 6 - 8 Years)

Expected Time to Complete: 1.5 Hours

  1. Advanced Survival Skills (5.5 min video

  2. Advanced Breaststroke (13 min video)

  3. Intro to Butterfly (8 min video)

  4. Freestyle Flip Turns (12.5 min video)

  5. Advanced Backstroke (10 min video)

Level 6:  (Estimated Ages 7 and Up)

Expected Time to Complete: 1.5 Hours

  1. Junior Lifeguard Test (6.5 min video)

  2. Advanced Butterfly (13 min video)

  3. Race Turns (5.5 min video)

  4. Race Starts and Finishes (10 min video)

  5. 100 Individual Medley (5.5 min video)


Liz Tailor

Miami, Fl

"My son and I had so much fun! Wow, so glad we didn't hire a swim instructor when I can do it myself."

Phil Floran

Spring Valley, NY

"Not only did I teach my two kids (ages 2 and 4), I taught the kids in the neighborhood. Course makes it so easy anyone can do it."

Shelly Hills

Los Gatos, CA

"Content was precise and to the point. No extra stuff just the important things. Really enjoy the process from learning to teaching."

Jane Anderson

San Diego, CA

"That was fun! So glad my husband talked me into doing it. If I can do it anyone can."

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